Replacement TURF POD for Dog Relief Area

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48" x 48" Turf Pod for Dog Relief Area

This item is the TURF POD only. it does not include the Dog Relief Area unit.  Customer usualyl buy the Dog Relief Area unit and add an extra Turf Pod (this item) to rotate cleaning with the pod that comes with the Dog Relief Area.

  • Turf pod features antimicrobial agents built into the yarn and backing to help prevent odors. 
  • Short, dense blades allow for easy waste removal.
  • Turf Pod Maintenance: Rinse with water several times daily and clean with Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator several times weekly, or as needed. For disinfecting, use a bleach solution of 1/3 water to ½ bleach and soak the pod for several hours, or overnight, in a tray or 'kiddie' pool. Please note bleach is toxic to dogs. After bleaching, the turf pod must be rinsed fully with water and allowed to dry before being put back into use. 
  • For assebly instructions click HERE