About You


Our company spokesman, MR-POCKETS, says, "Thanks For The Pick-up!".

Join MR-POCKETS, to keep our neighborhoods, parks and  trails, clean and safe for our children, families and friends, as well as his furry buddies.

We are grateful for your business. Thank you for choosing www.PetWasteCo.com.


 Our mission is a simple one: YOU !

We know that whether you’re responsible for a park, apartment, vet clinic, airport, campground, HOA, hotel, or just your own backyard, that it takes a ton of effort, energy and resources to do what you do.

That’s why it’s a rarity to find a company like Pet Waste Co—one that truly, and completely, knows what you need from a pet waste solutions supplier.  



Pet Waste Co specializes in the manufacture of pet waste stations and bags for municipalities, property managers, communities, and pet parents. We focus on the needs of our valued customers.

Our pet waste stations encourage clean-up compliance and provide responsible solutions for communities and pet parents, alike.

We're here for YOU!