Q: How can I contact you? 
A: tel: 800-738-7940 (M-F: 6a-4p PT, 9a-7p ET)
    email: petwasteco@gmail.com.
    fax: 800-789-6619 
    address: 12316 World Trade Drive, San Diego, CA  92128

Q: Do your bags fit other dispensers?
A: Yes. If they don't fit your dispensers, we'll send you our bag dispensers for free.  

Q: Is it easy to purchase from Pet Waste Co?
A: Yes. Order online, phone, fax or email. We accept purchase Orders.

1) Municipality, City, Town, County, Gov't Agency--you're automatically APPROVED for Net 15 terms. We accept Purchase Orders. Choose PAY BY CHECK NET 15 Days, at checkout. Your order ships today. We'll email an invoice and our W9, so you can set us up as a vendor and pay by check, credit card or ACH.

2) Property Management or other businesses-- established for 2 years can request terms, by selecting PAY BY CHECK NET 15 Days, at checkout. 

We accept checks and credit cards – VISA, MC, American Express and Discover. PayPal, too. If you're a municipality, property manager, or established business, we can bill you Net 15 days and you can pay the invoice by check or ACH. Just select the PAY BY CHECK NET 15 Days option in the shopping cart. If you are an individual customer, please select credit card or PayPal, only

(Note: If your company requires our sign up thru a 3rd party payment or credentials service, to process payment of our invoice, please contact us before placing your order. We do not pay 3rd party portal sign up fees. You may wish to pay by credit card to speed your order along, today.)  

3) We have no forms to fill out, and an account number isn't needed.

Q: Is your company fully insured? 
A: Yes. You can download our Certificate of Insurance here: W9 & Certificate of Insurance  

Q: Do I pay Sales Tax?
A: We charge the applicable sales tax for orders delivered to addresses within the state(s) where we hold a nexus. For orders shipped to other areas, or if we fail to collect sales tax, customers are solely responsible for any sales taxes and/or other taxes that may apply. Please consult your local state's website for how to file a sales and use tax for out of state purchases you make. If you are charged sales tax and believe you are tax-exempt, please contact us. 

Q: How many bag dispenser/bag types are there?  
A: The two most common types of commercial dispensers are – the Roll Bag dispenser and the Header Bag dispenser. If your bags are on a continuous roll, which requires the user to pull out and tear off at a perforation, then you use the ROLL BAG style. If the bags are FLAT PACKED and hang from rods or hooks inside the dispenser, then you need our Pinch-N-Pull™ Bag or The MittN Bag (header/card/mitt style). We also offer Tie-Handle Roll Bags, which fit all HD Supply®/Poopy Pouch® tie-handle dispensers and bags that match Doggie Walk Bags' Tissue-Style Bag, scented bag and an EZ-TIE Header Bag that matches www.dogpoopbags.com's EZ Tabbed Header Bag.

If we don't have a bag that matches what you're using now, we will send you FREE DISPENSERS so you can switch to any of our bags and start saving. 

Q: How many bags do your dispensers hold?
A: Our Roll Bag Dispenser allows 3 rolls (600 bags) at a time to dispense and stores 2 back up rolls inside for a total of 1000 bags! No other roll bag dispenser holds or dispenses more! The Pinch-N-Pull™ and The MittN Bag™ dispenser holds and dispenses 800 bags at a time. Our Tie-Handle bag dispenser holds and dispenses 600 bags and Tissue-Style and EZ-TIE dispensers hold 600 bags. 

Q: How many bags do I need to start?
A: In a Dog Park, usage is 500-2000 bags per month, per dispenser. In a Condo/Apartment or HOA setting, plan for 300-800 bags per month. Usage can vary widely, however.

Q: Are your Stations made from Aluminum?
A: Yes. Our Stations are built from commercial grade, rustproof, heavy gauge aluminum. Our square, telescoping, steel posts are the same, heavy-duty, galvanized posts used by municipalities. PET WASTE CO offers a rustproof, commercial, aluminum, UV-coated station, with a super-strong, galvanized, steel post and a 5-Year Warranty, free shipping. 

Q: Is Installation of a Dog Waste Station easy?
A: Yes. We send complete instructions with each station. Allow 45 minutes for installation. No special skills or special tools required (you'll just need: 2 adjustable pliers, shovel or post hole digger, water and a bag of ready-mix cement).

Q: How fast do you ship?
A: All orders received by 7p ET, 4p PT are shipped the SAME DAY.

Q: How fast will my order arrive?
A: Northeast/Mid Atlantic 4-5 days; Southeast/Mid-West 3-4 days; Southwest, West, Northwest 1-3 days. We ship from our own warehouse – not a fulfillment warehouse. 

Q: Can I get an automatic shipment every month or on the schedule I request?
A: Yes. Just let us know what you need, how often, and we'll do the rest. 

Q: What size are your bags?
A: Roll Bags are 8" W x 13" L and fit ANY roll bag dispenser. The roll itself is 8" W x 2.75" D. Our Pinch-N-Pull™ bags are 8.5" W x 14.5" L and fit all header/mitt style bag dispensers. Tie-Handle bags are 7" W x 15" L, and fit all Poopy Pouch® jumbo roll dispensers; and The MittN Bag™ header bags are  8-1/2" W x 12" L with 5" end gusset pouch, and fit all header/mitt style bag dispensers. 

Q: What are the case pack quantities?
A: Our Roll Bags come in a case of 2000, 4000 or 6000 bags. Our Pinch-N-Pull™ Bags come in a box of 1000). The Tie-Handle Bags are packed 2400 bags (8 rolls of 300) and The MittN Bag™ header bags are packed 2000 bags (20 headers of 100) per case. 

Q: Can you ship anywhere?
A: We ship for FREE to our 48 contiguous states. Email, or call, for reduced shipping rates to Hawaii and Alaska. 

Q: What if I'm not 100% happy with my purchase? 
A: That's easy. If you're not 100% happy with the quality, or performance, of any of our products, we'll accept return for full refund, or we'll replace the item – you decide. We'll even pay to ship your order back to us. We're not happy, 'till you're happy. 

Q: Why are your bags and stations a much better value than competitors?
A: Three very simple reasons:

1) We sell direct, so there is no middleman mark-up.
2) Our prices offer the best value in the USA.
3) We are committed to helping communities establish a dog waste program, to make our environment as healthy and clean as it can be. 

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