Pet Fountain - Free Standing

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Product Info & How-Tips:

  • Item #: DP-7216R
  • Lead Time:  4-5 weeks 
  • Free standing unit - see 7216W for wall mounted option. Requires concrete pad. 
  • Low profile design and an affordable option for smaller spaces such as apartment communities, condos, and grocery stores. 
  • Activated by a side-mounted, self-closing, foot activiated button.
  • 15 powder-coat color options. 
  • Bowl takes 30-60 seconds to drain - allowing time for dog to drink.
  • Operates on a water pressure range of 20-105 psig. 

Material Specifications: 

  • Unit adheres to NSF/ANSI 61, Section 9, Public Law 111-380 (NO-LEAD), and CHSC 116875.
  • Manufactured with "Green Building" friendly stainless steel and contains appx 75% recycled material. 
  • Optional freeze-resistant valves at additional cost.   
  • Drinking fountains require a 1/2″ supply line, and a waste line which measures a minimum of 1.25″ in diameter.