Choosing a Commercial Dog Waste Station

Posted by Bill J. Johnston on 5th Mar 2018

When selecting a commercial dog waste station, follow 3 simple rules:

1) Commercial Grade:  Look for the strongest materials.   For the most part, aluminum is better than steel, because steel eventually rusts.  Plastic or resin tends to be the worst, as it cracks and fades over time.

2) Individual Components vs. All-In-One:  It's easier, and less expensive, to replace a sign or a dispenser than it is to replace an integral 1-piece station. 

3) Availability of Bags that fit: Choose a station and a supplier based on the availability of bags that fit the station. Stay with the best and biggest suppliers, so that you'll always be assured that a continuity of bags will be available.

Be sure to also pick suitable locations for your stations, and to properly install them.  See my upcoming blogs on choosing a location and installation.

Thank you